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  • Ethiopia announces visa-on-arrival regime for Africans


    Ethiopian president Mulatu Teshome has announced that the country will in due course roll out a visa-on-arrival regime for all Africans entering the country.

    In other words, there would be no need for Africans to necessarily apply for visas before flying into the country. All African passport holders need to do is fly in and have their visas stamped on arrival.

    The president was speaking at the opening of the new session of the country’s parliament in Addis Ababa on Monday. Ethiopia, reputed as the land of origins is also called Africa’s political capital.

    A relaxed visa regime will enhance both Ethiopia’s openness and will allow the country to harness the significant stopover transit traffic of Fly Ethiopian.

    Land of origins for its rich cultural history and the continent’s political capital because it hosts the offices of the African Union, AU. The continent’s main political and economic cooperation bloc.

    The move comes barely four months after Prime Minister Abiy announced that the country had started issuing visas online for tourists and other visitors across the world. The move started on June 1, 2018.

    The PM’s chief of staff tweeted at the time that: “A relaxed visa regime will enhance both Ethiopia’s openness and will allow the country to harness the significant stopover transit traffic of Fly Ethiopian.” Fly Ethiopian is the national carrier which is the Africa’s biggest and most profitable airline.

    Source: africanews.com

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  • Masters Scholarships For Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda And Tanzania To Study In UK

    Masters Scholarships for Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania to Study in UK is provided in The University of Manchester. The University offers scholarships for a range of master’s courses to academically excellent professionals from Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania in UK 2019.

    We offer two types of scholarship:

    • One-year, full-time, on-campus master’s
    • Part-time distance learning master’s (three to five years’ duration)

    There are 27 scholarships (17 for full-time study and 10 for part-time study) available to students from Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. The scholarships cover full tuition fees, and for students who will be studying in Manchester, the award includes return international air fares, living expenses and visas.

    Subjects: Masters Scholarships for Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania to Study in UK

    Scholarships are available for specific courses in engineering, environment, health sciences, development, education, textiles and law.

    Full list of courses for which scholarships are available

    Chemical Engineering

    Civil and Mechanical Engineering

    Computer Science



    Electrical and Electronic Engineering


    Humanitarian and Conflict Response


    Medical and Health Sciences

    Museum Studies


    Eligibility to Masters Scholarships for Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania to Study in UK

    Our master’s scholarships are aimed at talented applicants, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds. To apply for a scholarship, you must:

    • 2 years work experience not including volunteering and unpaid internships;
    • hold a bachelor’s degree with an overall grade of excellent, or preferably a master’s degree. The awards are for academically outstanding students and typically this means that you are in the top 10% of your class;
    • be a resident citizen of Ethiopia and have not previously studied outside Africa;
    • be committed to returning home and able to demonstrate the potential to make a positive impact on the future of Ethiopia;
    • have a clear idea of how studying in Manchester will benefit both your career and the wider community.

    English language requirements

    An IELTS certificate is not required at the time of application. If you are shortlisted for the scholarship, you will be asked to take the IELTS test. English language requirements vary by course, but in most cases you will need a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 (with no sub-test less than 5.5) or TOEFL 570 (90 IBT) to go through to the final selection round.

    How to apply: Masters Scholarships for Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania to Study in UK

    We will open for applications for entry in September 2019 on 1 August 2018 and the deadline to apply is 9 September 2018 at 5pm GMT.

    To apply you will need:

    • Two up to date signed references. References must be on letter headed paper and addressed to ‘Equity and Merit Scholarships at The University of Manchester’. They do not need to be sent confidentially and there is no fixed format.
    • Degree certificates and transcripts, showing subjects taken and grades achieved. (Temporary copies or certificates of graduation will suffice for this application)
    • Evidence of your English Language ability (if you already have it), you will need one of the following as a minimum: IELTS score of 6.5 (with no less than 6.0 in writing) or TOEFL: score of 90 (with no sub-test below 22)
    • An English Language certificate is not required at the time of application. If you are shortlisted for the scholarship, you will be asked to take the IELTS or TOEFL test.

    Apply online

    Note that there is a clear separation between the process of awarding the scholarships and our admissions procedure. Scholarships are awarded entirely on merit. It is not necessary to have an academic offer of admission to apply for the scholarship. There is no advantage or disadvantage in having an academic offer. If you are selected for the scholarship you will be automatically admitted to the course of your choice.

    Official Scholarship Link



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  • Dashen’s Amole

    Ethiopia may finally be catching up with Kenya as Dashen Bank launched the digital channel platform called ‘Amole’ which will allow subscribers to pay for products and services using their mobile phones.
    In other African countries this has become a popular way for people to pay for virtually everything from groceries to personal services allowing for people to purchase items without carrying a large amount of cash.
    At the launch of Amole, Hidase Telecom, Dstv, Shoa Supermarket, Lomi, ETTA, Zmall, Meda and Sami Dan exhibited their products and services which use the Amole Digital payment platform to over 500 attendees.


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  • China Jinggangshan University Scholarships for Non-Chinese Students 2018 2019


    Scholarship Description: Applications are invited for Jinggangshan University Scholarships are now available to study undergraduate and language programs. Theses scholarships are available to Non-Chinese students.

    Scholarship Provider: Jinggangshan University (JGSU, hereafter), a state-run institution of higher education, is known for its comprehensive ordinary undergraduate education with a long history and glorious tradition. It is a university jointly supported by Ministry of Education and the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province, pair-assisted by Tongji University and authorized by Nanjing Military Region for cultivation of military talents and cadres.

    Degree Level: Scholarships are available to pursue undergraduate and language programs.

    Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded o study.

    • Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program: The length of schooling is four years.
    • Chinese Language Programs (non-degree): Spring Program and Autumn Program are available, either lasting for one month.

    Scholarship Benefit: Jinggangshan University is an executive institution of higher education for Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarships to recruit international students to China. In addition to the Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarships, the university has also established excellent International Student Scholarship at the university level in accordance with relevant provisions, to reward those who are excellent both in character and learning.

    A. Any freshman who holds Level Three certificate of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK3) or above can obtain a scholarship when entering school, the amount of which varies from RMB 3000 Yuan to RMB 5000 Yuan in accordance with the certificate grade.

    B. MBBS students can apply for the university level scholarship each year during their study in our university. If they meet the requirements of the scholarships appraisal, they will receive a scholarship varying from RMB 2000 to 10000 Yuan.

    C. Civil engineering freshmen who have paid the tuition and all the fees of the first year and get registered before the appraisal meeting of the provincial level scholarship (regularly happens in the last ten days of November), can obtain provincial scholarship which amounts to RMB 20000 Yuan. Our university will divide the scholarship into two halves: the first year RMB 10000 Yuan and the second year RMB 10000 Yuan. From the second year to the fourth year, civil engineering students can apply for the university level scholarship ranging from RMB 2000 to 10000 Yuan each year.

    Eligible Nationalities: Scholarship is available to Non-Chinese students.

    Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must meet the following criteria:

    • All applicants should hold a valid passport, be healthy physically and mentally, be good in character and submit non-criminal record. They will abide by the laws and regulations of Chinese government, obey the university regulations and respect Chinese people’s social custom and habits.
    • Applicants for MBBS Program should technically have a score higher than 65% of the total score in such courses as English, biology and chemistry.
    • Applicants for Civil Engineering Program should have a pass score or above in such courses as English, mathematics and physics.

    Enrollment Targets

    • Undergraduate Programs: Aged 18 to 25, non-Chinese citizens with senior high school diplomas or above.
    • Chinese Language Programs (non-degree): Aged 18 to 40, non-Chinese citizens with senior high school diplomas or above.

    Language Requirements: Applicants whose first language is not English are usually required to provide evidence of proficiency in English at the higher level required by the University.

    Application Procedure: Application documents

    • Jinggangshan University Application Form for Foreign Students’ Study in China (Download from website http://gjc.jgsu.edu.cn)
    • The senior high school or above diplomas and the transcripts
    • Valid passport (scanning copy or photocopy)
    • Non-criminal record certificate provided by their residence police station or proof of school performance provided by his /her school.
    • An economic guarantee by a person (including a foreigner who has a regular job in China) or company, or an income proof from parent’s employing organization, or a certificate of bank saving.
    • Physical examination result from officially recognized hospital.
    • Photo (The requirements are the same as passport photo).
    • Chinese language learning experience proofs or HSK Certificates (if any).

    Please understand that we will not return the above-mentioned application documents no matter whether the applicant is admitted or not.

    Application procedure: A. Send scanning copy of application documents required above in 6.1 to e-mail address: gjc-at-jgsu.edu.cn or 474512489-at-qq.com;

    B. Send the paper manuscripts of application documents required above in 6.1 to International School of Jinggangshan University.  Delivery Address: No.28 Xueyuan Road, Qingyuan District, Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province, P.R.China.



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  • No Problems In Oil Supply Says EPSE Despite Qeeroo Threats

    The Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise (EPSE) has tried to ease concerns over the shortage of oil in its most recent announcement. Ato Tadese Hailemariam, CEO of EPSE has announced that pile-ups observed in the capital’s fuel stations are not due to supply shortages but rather based on fears stemming from Qeeroo’s blockade threats.

    Qeeroo has been very active on social media, calling for protests and boycotts all over the country. Its latest activism focused on the blockade of oil transporting vehicles coming into the country. The group has warned that it will take action to disrupt the import of petroleum and drivers and car owners who continue their work will do so at “their own risk”.


    This has prompted the government to provide extra precautions and offer safe passage to tank trucks. To this end, the Command Post has assigned security personnel to travel along with the trucks on their transportation routes.

    Deutsche Welle reports the CEO of EPSE stated that a few drivers who were anxious over Qeeroo threats caused some delay in the transport of petroleum. They have been raising insurance related questions to the government which seems unperturbed by the Qeeroo threats.

    Ato Tadesse claims the drivers of the trucks have since continued working the usual supply routes, perhaps comforted by the added security. Ato Tadesse also spoke of recent efforts to provide better insurance coverage to the owners and operators of oil transporting tank trucks.

    According to DW, the daily national demand for benzene stands at 1.5 million liters. “This amount is already available in the market and there have been no oil supply shortages encountered so far,” said Ato Tadesse.
    For more, listen to Deutsche Welle’s report.


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